The Firelight Isle – Ribbon 14


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  1. frithrikr says:

    Your last posting was in December, the one before in September. This one is the following October. The work is good, so I’m not complaining, but it’s hard to keep track of the story and why things are important with these long gaps.

    I do hope that there will be some sort of collection someday so I can read the whole story through.

    1. Paul Duffield says:

      Hey, apologies for the long gaps and unpredictability! This is basically a passion project, and there’s no publisher to back it up, so I have to squeeze it around full-time work.

      Part of the reason that it’s taken so long this year is that me and my partner have been struggling to buy a house in a cheaper area so that we’re more able to focus on our personal projects, and we’ve just finished that move… I’ve got more done since we moved in last month than I managed in the whole year previous!

      Also, if you’d like to help make it happen faster, there’s a Patreon campaign that is slowly gathering followers that will be used to hire assistance for the project very soon ^_^

      In short: I’m doing everything I can to speed up.

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