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Read my webcomic about personal discovery in a civilisation guarded by a mysterious religion. Sen and Anlil are childhood friends about to be parted as they discover the shadows lurking at the shores of their world.

By Paul Duffield & Kate Brown.

Have a look at my gallery of comics, cover art, illustration and animation for a range of different clients and projects. The gallery includes comics, illustration, cover art, design and animation that produced between 2010 and today.

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I’m a comic creator, illustrator, animator and designer currently working out of Northamptonshire UK. Art and story are my passions, and the places they meet are the places I love most: comics, animation, video games, board games and all forms of visual storytelling!

I’m currently working on a project that’s very close to my heart: my webcomic, The Firelight Isle. I’m also working at The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic as a designer, in-house illustrator and general busybody.

Of my previous projects, I’m best known for my art on Freakangels, an 864 page webcomic written by Warren Ellis, and for The Tempest, a manga-influenced adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. My clients have included:


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