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the firelight isle trailer

An trailer animated to promote the Kickstarter campaign for volume 1 of The Firelight Isle. Storyboarding, 2D & 3D animation and compositing by Paul Duffield. 2D animation by Kate Brown. Music by Jane Aubourg. Narration by Karen Kahler.

the crown of blood

An animated short about the disappearance of Prince Edward and Prince Richard, commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces, and projected on the wall of a room in the Bloody Tower, in the Tower of London. Storyboarding & 2D animation by Kate Brown. 2D, 3D animation & compositing by Paul Duffield. Sound Design by Ewan Parry.



FreakAngels is a post-apocalyptic comic created in 2008 by writer Warren Ellis, with art by Paul Duffield and colours by Kate Brown. Freakangels was originally serialised as a free webcomic (which has since been taken offline) and collected into 6 volumes by Avatar Press. The plot takes influence from The Midwich Cuckoos, and focuses on twelve 23-year-old psychics living in Whitechapel six years after civilization in Great Britain is destroyed.

Anlil Cover Illustraion.jpg

The Firelight Isle is a cultural fantasy comic created in 2012 by Paul Duffield. From 2018, the comic has been made in close collaboration with Kate Brown. The Firelight Isle is serialised as a free webcomic on this website, Tapas and Webtoon, and is being collected into three self-published volumes. The project is funded by Kickstarter and Patreon, and the first volume was successfully funded in 2018, raising over £20,000.


The Tempest is a manga-inspired comic adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play, published in 2008 by SelfMadeHero, with art and layouts by Paul Duffield and text adaptation by Richard Appignanesi.

"…a profoundly satisfying reading experience... the clarity with which both action and meaning comes across is exceptional." – Dr Mel Gibson, Children's Literature specialist


Small Tales and Fairy Fails is a collection of all-ages short comics by Paul Duffield, originally published in The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic. The collected stories include Battle Quest, Starborn, Scaredy Cat (written by Morag Lewis), The Magic Tower and The Heart Tree. It was self-published in 2015 via Kickstarter, raising over £3000.


Signal is a short visual poem on the theme of the human search for knowledge and other life, self published by Paul Duffield in 2010. The first copy of Signal was hand-bound as a one-off hardback edition and sold in auction to Robyn Asimov (daughter of Isaac Asimov), raising over $1000 for The Seti Institute. The paperback edition has since sold over 1000 copies at shows and online.

cover art

fan art