About The Firelight Isle

The Firelight Isle is an ongoing web and print comic (or physidigicomic if you like) – a tale of coming of age, self-identity and cultural discovery, set in a fantastical civilisation gripped by a mysterious religion. The story follows the lives of Sen and Anlil, two childhood friends about to be parted as they undergo the trials of adulthood, and take their first steps on a journey with an uncertain ending!

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About The Author

The Firelight Isle is written and drawn by Paul Duffield, a comic creator, illustrator, designer and animator from the mystical land of Oxford, UK. He doesn’t do much dreaming in spires, but he does quite a bit of dreaming in his flat, which he shares with his partner and fellow comic creator, Kate Brown. The dreams mostly consist of a huge and vibrant UK creative industry in which comics have claimed their rightful place, right at the heart of storytelling!

About The Patrons


More to come soon! If you'd like to see the next episode's progress and help me make updates more regularly, you can support the project on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. The Firelight Isle wouldn't be possible without the support of the amazing people below who have already signed up, so if you've enjoyed this, please consider joining them as a proud supporter! Other great perks are available for larger donations, including access to work-in-progress pages, scripts, layered Photoshop files, shop discounts, free comics, ad space on this website and more...

Aerie, Alan Duffield, Anna Fitzpatrick, Ann-Nicole Thompson, Atezaz Ahmad, Ben, Brian Kim, Ben Blease, Ben Templesmith, Bo Rosen, Chris Bradbury, Chris Hudson, Chris Hull, Christian Miners, Courtney Borgers, Daniel King, Danielle, Daphne Koumpa, Dave Morris & Leo Hartas, Doskoi Panda, Dylan Campbell, Eleanor, Emma Vieceli, epalmerbrown, Eric Rosenfield, Erin Hawley, Evan Jensen, Evelyn Hewett, Felix Laurie von Massenbach, galeforcewind, Gary Erskine, Honor Mayr, Iyo Nishiura, Izzi Ward, Jade Sarson Jane Aubourg, Jason Boissiere, Jason Land, Jana MacRobert, Jennie Gyllblad, Jenn Lee, Jeremy Mardon, Jeremy Melloul, Jessica Kiffmeyer, Jez Vale, Jocelyn A, Jon Napolitano, John Peterson, Jonathan Rees, Justin Corwin, Kat Cardy, Kay Burki, Kelsey Collins, Kevin Volkert, Kitty Dobson, KT Coope, Kyra, Laura Watton-Davies, Lauren Pehnke, Lee G Marshall, Leigh, Linden Wright, Mangsney, Mia Indoril, Michael Allworth, Miguel Nogueira, Mik Ishmael, Muffin E. Goodness, Naniiebim, Nightsky, Patrick Byrne, Paul Jones, Rachel Smith, Robin Aerts, Simon Edge, Sonia Leong, Steve Cook, Steve Morris, Stuart Telfer, Susan Cook, TheJiggly, The Wild Rose, Tor N. Johnson, Tracy Nickerson, Wayne Phillips, Wilson Miner, Wood, yumehop[soupe].

About The Contributors

The Firelight Isle went through intensive development before reaching this stage, and it wouldn’t exist with the incredible support of the contributors who backed the Indie GoGo campaign when it was all still a glimmer of an idea! These are the people who made all this possible in the first place:

Alan Duffield,
Alex Milway,
Alex Thomas,
Alfredo Amatriain,
Alison Sampson,
Andrew Ruddick,
Andy Diggle,
Anna Fitzpatrick,
Anne Holiday,
Annie Duffield,
Arnout Capiau,
Avner Shiloah,
Barbara Vance,
Becky Cloonan,
Belinda Champion,
Ben Hyland,
Ben Wilkins,
Benjamin Ersando,
Benjamin Read,
Brad Backofen,
Brad Searles,
Brian Keohan,
Brian Mowrey,
Celina Ortiz,
Chaitanya Krishnan,
Charles Allport,
Charlie Brassley,
Chris Bottoms,
Chris Hudson,
Christian Sager,
Christian Sutter,
Christine Colligan,
Christopher Bottoms,
Christopher Hull,
Clark Burscough,
Dan Neff,
Dan Oakley,
Dan Wray,
Daniel Haran,
Daniel Keating,
David Callier,
Dean Edney,
Don Ma,
Dustin Cabeal,
Edward Keogh,
Edward Ross,
Eli Ferrall,
Emily Flynn,
Emma Vieceli,
En Gingerboom,
Evelyn Hewett,
Faye Yong,
Fehed Said,
Fred O’Rourke,
Garen Ewing,
Gary Erskine,
Gideon Jones,
Giles Mead,
Gill Duffield,
Gillian Ha,
Hannah Flynn,
Hannah Howden,
Jake Friedfeld,
James Alex Davies,
James Nicholls,
Jamie Mckelvie,
Jasmine Pinales,
Jason Beamish,
Jen Truby,
Jennifer Day,
Jenny Jones,
Jim Gammell,
JoAnne G.,
John Aggs,
John Reppion,
Jon Napolitano,
Jonathan Wood,
Jorge Oliveira,
Juli Bozak,
Julian Tysoe,
Julio Aguilar,
Karen Rubins,
Kat Nicholson,
Kate Holden,
Katey Taylor,
Katy Coope,
Kerstin Fricke,
Kurt Young,
Larisa Allen,
Laura Jefferson,
Leah Moore,
Lee “Budgie” Barnett,
Lee Marshall,
Liam Stone,
Linus S. Lee,
Mac Chapman,
Mark Crabtree,
Mary Huang,
Matt Gibbs,
Matt Jones,
Matthew Gipson,
Matthew J. Weaver,
Matthew Sheret,
Meaghan Walker,
Michael Conde,
Michael Ishmael,
Michael Zock,
Mik Ishmael,
Mike Garley,
Mikko Saarinen,
Morvan Deghelt,
Nana Li,
Nathan Matthews,
Neill Cameron,
Nich Angell,
Norinaka J. Matsuya,
Norman Haldeman,
P. M. Buchan,
Paul Jones,
Polly Reichelt,
Rachael Walker,
Richard Mountfort,
Richard Popham,
Robert Coker,
Robin Harman,
Rowan Clair,
Rusty Rowley,
Sally Jane Thompson,
Sam Lindenrathen,
Sammy Borras,
Sarah Burgess,
Sarah Fogg,
Sarah Marschman,
Sean Azzopardi,
Sephryn Grey,
Sina Samangooei,
Stephen Dipper,
Steven French,
Ted Brandt,
Theo Andrew,
Tim Kirk,
Tristan Smith,
Troy Burnett,
T’sao Wei,
Vera Greentea,
Victoria Coles,
Victoria Ostrovsky,
Woodrow Phoenix,
Zarina Liew.