Browse and read a selection of my webcomics and previews of print comics. The Firelight Isle is my current, ongoing fantasy webcomic – all the others are complete! Click on a title below to start reading.

An on-going cultural fantasy about two friends about to be torn apart by the strange religion at the heart of their civilisation.
An 864 page comic about a group of misfits struggling to survive in post-apocalypse London. Written by Warren Ellis. ADULT CONTENT

Signal: An experimental silent webcomic, reflecting on the search for knowledge and life, by Paul Duffield.

A 4-page fantasy parody starring two powerful warriors locked in a deadly magical duel, originally published in The Phoenix!

A 4-page fairy tale parody starring the most brilliant, dashing knight in all the land, originally published in The Phoenix!

A 4-page children’s horror story about a dare that goes horribly wrong! Written by Morag Lewis and originally published in The Phoenix!

Starborn: a short sci-fi webcomic about the first human born in space, and her amazing journey to Saturn, by Paul Duffield. Originally published in The Phoenix!

Secrets of the Universe: A series of informational and inspirational science comics by Paul Duffield. Originally published in The Phoenix!

Sojourn: a short, silent webcomic by Paul Duffield about a man escaping from his life. Originally published in Best New Manga 2.

Falling Star – a short webcomic by Paul Duffield that takes place in the mind of a young man deep in a coma. Winner of the 1st Rising Stars of Manga UK.

Read the first 30 pages of Manga Shakespeare: The Tempest, a manga-influenced adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, illustrated ny Paul Duffield in 2007

A 30 page, one-shot origin story for Happy Kitty, from Christos Gage's Absolution. Published by Avatar Press. ADULT CONTENT