More work on Signal, these are character designs for the central guy, who I’ve decided is called Toman (not that it matters, it’s a silent comic).

This is a composite image made from a ton of different galaxies from the Hubble website, to make the “sun” on the world the comic is set on. Although I’m not actually sure if a galaxy could light up a world it’s an image that Carl Sagan put in my head with his line “a morning filled with 400 billion suns”. I’m guessing it might be possible if the illuminating galaxy is pumping out enough energy, and taking up a large enough portion of the sky.


  1. The “illuminating galaxy” is such a wonderful idea!

  2. A galaxy illuminating a world? Yeah that’s cool, and possible. Plus, it looks like you’ve selected galaxies with lots of hot blue stars in – so nice and bright.
    Nice work.

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