The first three books in the DFC Library have been announced and are now available for pre-order on! If you’re a fan of the DFC, please read on for some important and exciting information, if you’ve never heard of the DFC, here’s what it’s all about:

The DFC was a weekly comic for children from David Fickling Books, featuring a number of ongoing strips that ranged from one-off funnies to episodic fantasy stories, with something in there for readers of every taste. Here’s just a selection of the genuinely all-star cast involved: Adam Brockbank, Andrew Wildman, Ben Haggarty, Dave Morris, Dave Shelton, Emma Vieceli, Etherington Brothers, Gary Northfield, James Turner, Jamie Smart, Jason Cobley, Jim Medway, John Aggs, Julian Hanshaw, Kate Brown, Laura Howell, Misako Rocks!, Neill Cameron, Nick Sharratt, Patrice Aggs, Philip Pullman, Robert Deas, Sarah McIntyre, Simone Lia, Ted Dewan, Tony Lee, Zak Simmonds-Hurn.

For a full list of everyone involved, check out the Super Comics Adventure Squad Blog. Despite being a well needed product and filling a big hole in the market, the timing was wrong and the economic recession meant that a project that should have been given a few years to take off was only given about 6 months before it was canned by Random House, who funded and published the comic.

Thankfully, it rises once more from the ashes in the form of the DFC Library which is being launched with lovely (and remarkably cheap!) hard-back collected editions of The Spider Moon, Mezolith and Good Dog, Bad Dog. This is great news for fans of these strips, but for anyone whose favourite strip isn’t here, please bear in mind that these first titles are testing the waters. If all three don’t do well, there won’t be any more, so you can increase the chances of owning that strip you love by collecting the lot.

The last piece of good news is that the DFC itself might be back soon, with more funding straight from David Fickling Books rather than through Random House. This will mean that if it does return (and buying the DFC Library books will help with this too!) it’ll be given a longer run and much better chance to succeed. I believe the British comic industry needs the DFC, it’s one of only a handful of publications that have treated comics and comic artists well, and taken risks to push new and exciting material.I’ll be supporting it all the way.

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