Small Tales & Fairy Fails available from the shop

Now that all the contributors to the Small Tales and Fairy Fails Kickstarter have received their rewards, I’m now making Small Tales and Fairy Fails available for general purchase! You can get a special signed and sketched copy as well, although numbers are limited to one a month. There are also a few new prints in the store, including one from STaFF (the best acronym ever – had no idea until I wrote it out)!

cover-image-lo-rescover-image-lo-res-sketchBattle Quest Title Page 01

I’ve also updated the webcomics page with some samples from STaFF and a few other new additions, along with new illustrations on the portfolio page.

In other news, the roughs for chapter 2 of The Firelight Isle are nearing completion! Have a look at my Pateron page for a sneak peek whilst they’re in production!


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