Signal Interiors Finished!

Long time no blog! That’s mainly because work has been extremely hectic, which is good, but very tiring. After eventually adjusting to Kate helping out on Freakangels, I’ve managed to reduce my time on Freakangels to three rather full days a week, which gives me four days a week to do other things, and in my excitement I uhh… overloaded myself.

So, I’ve been working on a new cover series for Avatar Press‘s Night of the Living Dead series (it’s been great fun capturing that classic horror feel). I’ve been doing a few cover illustrations for a children’s book publisher called Barrington Stoke (my first go at non-comics covers). I’ve wandered into the world of magazine illustration with a few pieces that I donated to Skeptic Magazine, a science and critical thinking mag. Continuing the theme of donating art, I’ve been producing more for the SETI Institute and the Are We Alone podcast (it’s only three weeks until I get to be a guest at SETIcon, I’m seriously excited). I’ve also been doing a few private commissions, (including a concert image which should turn out to be a really exciting illustration when it’s done)… and of course, I’ve been slowly finishing off Signal, the interiors for which I finally finished a few days ago now!! I’m currently looking for a decent printer, and I’ll be producing the first few test prints as soon as I’ve finished the cover image. Exciting!

Very few new images to show yet unfortunately. I’m holding back on posting too much of Signal, since it’s only 14 pages, and the rest is mostly under editorial wraps. Here’s one image at least, a retro sci-fi poster style portrait piece for the Are We Alone podcast:


  1. Mark says:

    Excellent. Really looking forward to seeing some of these extra projects.

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