=_= Another inexplicable 6am wakeup this morning. Saturn was out again, so I got good look :) I also saw what looked like an edge on spiral galaxy (long faint smudge of light) just near Arcturus, but I couldn’t locate  it on Stellarium. It’s got to be pretty bright for me to see it through my little 2inch scope, so I’m mystified that I can’t figure out what it is. EDIT: It was a smudge on the window. Now I know why you’re not meant to observe through a window.

Work has been really productive lately! I’ve been keeping up to speed with Freakangels, and have even had time for my brain to tick over on a personal project! It’s a (very) short comic that’s been forming in my head late at night for about a month, more of a visual poem with a setting and themes than anything too coherent or story-based. Here are the pages of sketchbook that I’ve filled up with ideas and thumbnails (the last page is the current draft).

I’m hoping this will turn into a neat little A4 book, in the same kind of format as a kid’s picture book. It shouldn’t take too long to produce in my spare time. I’m excited to finally be producing an actual comic, especially one I’ve “written”, it feels like years since Freakangels is really just a series of commissioned illustrations in boxes.


  1. Kate says:

    Arcturus is cousin of Tartarus! Ohohoho!

  2. Fehed says:

    Awesome :) Will this be printed or for online viewing? Looks fascinating so far!

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