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Fantastic news! The Firelight Isle is being featured in The British Library’s new exhibition, Comics Unmasked. It opens today, and will be around until August, so there’s loads of time to have a look! It’s a beautifully designed show (supposedly the largest ever exhibition of mainstream and underground comics) and well worth going to see. The Firelight Isle is part of the digital comics display in the final room of the exhibition.

Hey all! The pages are going very smoothly – I’ve now finished all the linework for the next episode, and am on to the colouring – hopefully it should only be a few weeks before I can put it up on the site. That episode will conclude the opening chapter, so after it’s done I’m going to look into collecting all of chapter 1 into a printed edition!This Firelight Friday, there’s a brand new interview… a few weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest on Dan Berry’s comics podcast, Make It Then Tell Everybody. Dan is a fantastic comics creator in his own right (along with teaching AND running a podcast – I don’t know how he does it), and it was a really interesting chat.

We covered all sorts of topics, from The Firelight Isle, to working methods, to opinions about the industry and art education. You can listen to the whole thing on Dan’s Site.There’s also a Patreon campaign for the podcast, so if you enjoy the interview, consider being a patron! There are tons of great interviews already, and the campaign will help Dan absorb the cost of making more.Don’t forget that there’s a Firelight Isle Patreon page too!

In order to support The Firelight Isle as I create it, I’ve signed up to a service called Patreon. Patreon lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators, but unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a regular flow of free material. Patrons can make monthly donations in exchange for perks, and donate as much or as little as they like, for as long as they like. The idea is that even a dollar or two a month is worth a lot if you have a few hundred patrons.

The goals I’m aiming towards are raising enough money per-month to hire assistants to help with the running of the project and the colouring of the artwork, and eventually to raise enough to spend more of my own time each week on the art!I answer some basic questions that will probably occur to a lot of readers (especially supporters of the Indie GoGo campaign) on the page itself, so please check it out and consider becoming a patron of The Firelight Isle!

Hello all! Just a quick message to wish you a happy deep-of-winter (if you’re in the northern hemisphere), or just a happy whatever, wherever you’re from!

I’d hoped to have a new episode out by now, but it turns out that many things have ended up in the way of that goal (winter colds, winter celebrations and the fact that the script I wrote myself is abusively challenging to draw). Expect more in the new year! :D

Wahey! I can’t wait! Thought Bubble has fast turned into my favourite UK convention. It’s packed with talent, both professional and small-press (and everything in-between), and there’s a massive amount to see and do. If you love comics and love discovering new creators, this is the convention to go to! I’m especially excited about Kate Beaton being one of the guests!

I’ll be sharing Table 43 with Kate Brown in the New Dock Hall for anyone who’d like to pop by and say hi! I’ll have Prints, a range of Originals and copies of Signal (all available cheaper than they are online), and I’ll be doing free sketches for anyone who buys a book or print. I’m also offering more detailed pencil and ink-wash commissions for £20 (or $35). If you’d like to pre-order a commission from me and pick it up at the show, you can place a specially tailored order in my store (limited to 10 pre-orders). If you have any special requests for prints please email me.Here’s a quick guide to getting to our table! Full table listings for the convention are here and here.

 I was recently asked to do an interview about The Firelight Isle on a comic news site! Here’s a quick taster, and you can read the rest at the website itself.

CB)  First one is easy, tells us a little about The Firelight Isle? Where did the idea come from and what is the story you want to tell with it?PD)  The Firelight Isle is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time! I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, science fiction and surreal or magical storytelling, and I’ve always had a desire to write my own stories, so for most of my life I’ve had a grand writing project in mind that has gone through different incarnations (inspired by whoever my favourite authors were at the time)! When I started work as a professional artist, I began to realise just how much work is involved in creating epic, multi-volume stories and graphic novels, and so I ended up focussing on completing shorter stories. At that point, Freakangels started, and I spent 4 years working on that, during which time the hectic schedule and intense work on Warren’s script taught me a lot about both writing and drawing long form stories. When Freakangels finished, I found that my desire to create a longer piece had been rekindled, and I considered it the best time to try to establish myself as a writer as well as an artist. I broke down all of my early story ideas, and mined them for inspiration, taking all sorts of fragments, and reworking them into a new piece, which became The Firelight Isle. So it’s a new story with long roots!The story I want to tell is very much a character and culture focussed piece, a fantasy that feels like it could well be taking place on some distant world that might really exist. Its themes include friendship and coming of age, along with faith and segregation. I’ve tried to assimilate as much information as I can on human culture in a short time so that the world it takes place in will be both familiar and surprising. It’s hard to describe the plot in a movie-pitch style, since it’s more of a slice-of-life style story that includes some grander elements.CB)  Can you tell us about the main characters, what their names are and why you felt they were the right choice to tell the story with?PD) The two main characters are both the same age (around 16), and have known each other since their earliest memories, and been fast friends ever since…

Read the rest of the interview on Comic Bastards

I’ll be at the MCM Expo in London this week in the Comic Village, sharing a table with Kate Brown. We’ll be on table F2, which you can locate with this map! Kate’ll be selling Fish and Chocolate, I’ll be selling Signal, and we’ll both be signing any copies of Freakangels you can bring along! If you’d like a sketch, I’ll have paper and pen for that too.

It’s looking like a great show, with comic guests such as Warren Ellis, Frank Quitely and Becky Cloonan! Hope to see a few people there.

On the 1st to the 26th of May, Orbital will be hosting an exhibition featuring my work and Kate‘s work!

For those who aren’t aware, we work together on Freakangels – I do the drawing and she does the colouring – so there’ll be prints and originals from Freakangels that we’ve both worked on, along with pieces from my self-published comic, Signal and Kate’s self published comic, Fish + Chocolate. There’ll also be a few brand new illustrations made specifically for the show, plus copies of both Signal and Fish + Chocolate will be available to buy too. There might even be some limited edition prints! I’m also really happy to announce that the London MCM Expo‘s Comic Village are sponsoring the opening night, which will be from 7-9pm at Orbital Comics (near Leicester Square tube station) on Saturday 30th of April!

It would be wonderful if any interested readers could post around this flyer for the event! If you’d like to be extra-special awesome and print out any hi-res copies for a shop or public space, just drop me an email!

Thanks so much to Matt Sheret & the Comic Village team for putting me in touch with Orbital, and arranging MCM Expo’s involvement!

Late last year, Signal’s first print run of 200 sold out! Thanks so much to everyone who bought a copy or talked about it, it’s been wonderful to see the time I put into it pay off! This year I’m planning a larger print run of 300 or 400 in time for the beginning of con season in May, so pre-orders for a copy from the second run are now open on my site. The more pre-orders I get the more I’ll be able to print, so any help advertising this would be greatly welcome!

This year I’ll be attending as many conventions as I can in order to sell copies of Signal, starting with Bristol Comic Expo, and The London MCM Expo in May. I’ll be sharing a table with Kate (who’ll be selling brand new copies of Fish and Chocolate), so we’ll be promoting Freakangels along with our own projects.

It has only been a few months since I produced the first print run of the paperback version of Signal, but all copies have now sold out! There may be a few more copies available at Orbital Comics and GOSH in London (there were a few weeks ago at least), but that’s all for now!

I want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has bought a copy and supported the project! It’s been a fantastic success so far, which is truly gratifying. I do intend to do another print run, certainly in time for the next con season, but right now general expenses and Christmas mean that I don’t have the overhead to order any more from the printers. I considered running a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign, but it seems a little strange for the second print run. I wish I’d known about those services when I was putting together the money to print the first run!

Anyways, I’ll be attending a lot of UK conventions next year, sharing a table with Kate Brown, who will have finished her self published comic, Fish and Chocolate by then. So hopefully I’ll have more before the first cons start. We haven’t shared a table for a long time, so it should be fun!