Okay, I got hit by the power-hammer of work getting Freakangels Volume 3 finished, and my blog suffered. Perhaps in hindsight, now rather than back then would have been a better time to start writing, but what the hey, I’m done now and it all worked out fine! (just). Me and Kate did some uber-scheduling and managed to hit the deadline on the dot, which means it’ll definitely be avaialble in plenty at the MCM Expo.

News from the publisher is that it’s been through the printing press now and is looking great! I’m excited to see this one, I’ve learnt a lot about both drawing for the web and for print since starting Freakangels, so I’m hoping this Volume will stand out from the other two in terms of quality.

So, I’ve had time to update my website with a few new covers. These have been up elsewhere, but you can now also see them in my gallery. It’s frustrating that due to the big rush of Freakangels, I’ve had no other work to show for a while, but I do have two new covers produced for an as-yet-unveiled Avatar series to show as soon as it’s gone public!

Last piece of news is that I’ll be attending a signing at Orbital Comics in London on Tuesday 27th October, along with Jacen Burrows, Kieron Gillen and more (there are details on the website).Phew, I think that’s everything. I’ll hopefully be back to blogging regularly for at least a few weeks, I’ve certainly got enough ideas for/drafts of posts lined up.

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