Only a week to go until Freakangels Volume three is finished. I’ve been working overtime to get it done since I started this blog, so my ability to update regularly has been pretty minimal. I’ve got a bit list of ideas for blog posts, but no time to do them justice!

So, just so there’s something up here, here’s a heads up that at this October’s MCM Expo, my publisher Avatar Press will be making their first appearance at an English convention in order to debut Freakangels Volume 3. The book is being rushed to press to get it ready on time, so I imagine that the con will be the very first time it’s available.

Avatar’s booths are always pretty stunning, so it should be well worth the trip. They’ve got a big selection of books, and all three editions of all three volumes of Freakangels will be available in plenty! I know they’ve been hard to get hold of over here, so this is the best chance for anyone who has been finding it hard. Here are a few pics of Avatar’s booths at American cons, including me pulling a silly face whilst signing stacks and stacks of signature plates for the special edition hardbacks.

A slim paperback artbook that I produced for Avatar will also be available, along with a selection of Freakangels prints, t-shirts and other merchandise. I’ll be available for signing at the booth more often than not, and Kate, who is currently colouring Freakangels will be popping by too! Hope to see you there! :)


  1. Kate says:

    That picture of you is stunning XD

  2. wo0t! might seeya there! need them books I do

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