Had a great time at the MCM Expo! :) Was lovely to catch up with/meet so many people, and I ended up buying/being given a massive pile of comics and stuff!!

In no particular order:

  • Rockfall mini-comics 1 + 2 by Paul Fryer. This man is the god of comicking!
  • Postcards & Sunny and the Bluebirds by Evelyn Hewett. Outrageously talented for such a young age!
  • Squidgirls Artbook, by Ben Templesmith. Incredibly generously given, and gorgeous to boot!
  • Dr Who singles, by Al Davison & Tony Lee. Al gets David Tennant’s Doctor bang on!
  • Am I Here? & Illusional¬† Beauty by Rebecca Burgess. Such awesome cartooning skills!
  • Penelope’s Far-Out-Mantic! by Sarah Burgess. Read it online, it rocks!
  • Telling Tales from Sweatdrop. An all-star compilation with a beautiful cover by Faye Yong.
  • Be Creative by Sonia Leong. Ingeniously comical manga self-help book!
  • Studio Ghibli poster by Rachel Suanders. Her work is just breathtaking!
  • DFC Badges, from the DFC Library stand!
  • Brainfist & 100 Planets by Daniel Merlin Goodberry. Needs to be read to be believed!
  • Legends from IndieManga. Super-talented Indie comics squad!
  • Bursting, Telephone & Lonesome Jim by Joseph J. Morgan. If The Walking Man had a bad day, this would be it!
  • Sun Fish Moon Fish & Looking for the sun by Morag Lewis. Storyteller extraordinaire!
  • The Dark tower, generously donated and signed by the writer, Robin Furth. Just stunning!
  • Urban Beasts 2 by Karen Rubins. Utterly weird and awesome!
  • Claude Will Fight You Too & Immortal Ewan and the Rod of Rasputin by Claude Trollope-Curson. Unicorn shits Princess! Sold!

I don’t think I’ve ever come back from the Expo with such an awesome haul. It was lovely to browse the self-publishers tables and pick up so many comics because I just loved the look and sound of them! Long live the Comic Villiage, and 100% cudos to Emma Vieceli, Andrew Ruddick & Anna Petterson for making it so awesome.


  1. nana says:


    Man, that’s awesome! I hardly bought anything this time… Partly because I had a leash on my spending but mostly due to not having enough time to browse methinks… Now I wish that I had bought more stuff though. Your suitcase should always be fuller on the way home.

  2. Fehed says:

    That’s one fantastic photo of your collection! And to think you almost left all that with me on Sunday XD~

    Sadly, I’ve literally run out of room in my apartment for any more ‘things’ in general. It’s sad! Need to move to a bigger place for more bookshelf space.

    Tell Kate we’re hunting her down for a signature soon. We’re on the prowl!

  3. Turtleboi says:

    Upset as I didn’t get to meet ya!

    But man that is an impressive haul.
    Only managed to get myself like 6 comics.

  4. cheeeee says:

    DUDE! Best plug EVER! :D What does that make you, uber-ethereal-gutterspace-entity? XDXD

    love the arrangement of comics too. haha, just spotted the circle of badges, sweeet! XD Take it easy bud!

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