Foundarmanational Comikofantarasm!

Last night, Kate and I were attending the award ceremony for The Arts Foundation‘s yearly fellowships! She’d already been picked as a shortlister among three other artists from a score or so of nominees, but we had no idea whatsoever who would win. Other shortlisters were Bill Bragg, Karrie Fransman and James McKay, all of whom have fantastic and totally different work. It must have been a nightmare to choose!

However, as the award was about to be announced, a little technical glitch made Kate’s name pop up on the screen, and there was a collective intake of breath from the packed-in audience (most of whom had to stand) and before I’d finished thinking “huh? what does that mean, is she…?” the award had been announced properly and Kate had truly won!

I still don’t think it’s sunk in completely, I’d become so used to thinking about that night in terms of its potential outcomes that I’m still thinking about its potential outcomes after it’s finished! I’m seriously excited to watch Kate’s project, Fish & Chocolate develop further, and now the fellowship will give her even more freedom to do what she wants with it. I read the 1st draft a few weeks ago, and it’s already something special, so watch this space!

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