First pages of Signal finished!

I’m seriously excited, the first two pages of Signal (a double page spread – most of them are) are finally finished! After over 6 months in the planning and making, the end of the project is now in sight. Looking back, it seems a massively long time for what is only a 16 page comic, but I’ve been working on this less than one day a week, and I’m trying to squeeze every drop of quality that I can out of it.

It was very strange colouring this to think that it’s the first comic other than Freakangels that I’ve done in over two years. This means that my work has moved on a massive amount, and most of my style change, plus the colouring and compositing techniques that I’ve developed have never been tried out on anything but Freakangels and single illustrations.

It was a very different challenge since as I’ve said before, Freakangels is (for the most part) a sequence of single illustrations, more like a storyboard with speech bubbles than what I think of as a full-blooded comic, which implies all sorts of experiments with layout, page flow and overall composition. That being said, there have been a few opportunities in Freakangels to break out of panel borders, and think about the page-as-a-whole, and thanks to Warren’s hilarious script this week, the episode (to be posted in a few hours) was massive fun on that count.

Anyways, back to Signal, the flats for these take ages so it may yet be a while before I’m all done (I’m hoping to have it done before SETIcon) but I’m pretty pleased with how this first spread came out! Here’s how it looks:

Once again, there’s no coherent storyline to this, I’m thinking of it as a visual “poem” of sorts. As pretentious as that sounds, it’s an excuse for me to indulge in all the things I love about comics, and to keep polished a few of the skills that Freakangels doesn’t exercise. To see the project in development, check out my earlier posts.


  1. Hannah says:

    It’s gorgeous, Plau. :)

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