So it’s about time I blogged about the October 2010 MCM Expo!
Although I knew that Freakangels was up for an Eagle Award, I knew in advance that I wouldn’t be able to make it for the Friday when the awards were being announced, and I thought I was unlikely to go at all! Next year, Kate and I will be dual-booking tables at as many conventions as we can, to promote Signal, and her self published comic Fish and Chocolate, which will be out by the time next year’s con season begins. I didn’t expect to have any copies of Signal for the Expo, and although I love going as a fan, work normally has to take priority.

So, the week for the Expo came, and two unexpected things happened! First, my copies of Signal arrived much earlier than expected, meaning that I had a stack of 200 of them to deal with and start distributing, and second, on Friday evening it turned out that Freakangels won the Eagle award that it had been nominated for! Both really exciting events which prompted me to take a day-trip to the Expo on Saturday in order to both drop off some copies of Signal to Orbital and Gosh comic shops in London, and then pop on to the Expo.

It turned out that I had a fantastic time. I met up with and walked around with Lisa, a friend who Kate and I met along with her husband Dan at Emma Vieceli’s wedding, and we had amusing talks about Cosplayers and fantasy stories. She was also doing some unofficial photography for the Expo, and had the most massive, heavy and seriously awesome lens on her camera. You pointed it at things and got insta-art. Other than catching up with the usual range of people I rarely see outside of Expo, I had a great time round the Comic Village. It really has grown a lot and the quality was just jaw dropping! I found myself with itchy fingers at pretty much every stall.
Here’s a photo of the absolute haul I brought back (not including comics I bought at Gosh and Orbital):

  • Filmish & Parasites by Edward Ross, who once pitched a fantastic comic script to me which I was unfortunately unable to take on. I hope he finds a good artist for it!
  • Find True Love by Sonia Leong
  • Rabbit Love Stories by Marvin
  • Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield, who had a massive queue! He looked quite overwhelmed, but was really personable.
  • Birdsong by Failboat Press, by various artists including Sarah McIntyre, who it was lovely to catch up with, and Lou Ho, who it was lovely to meet after chatting online!
  • A Signature from Roger Craig Smith, who voiced Ezio in Assassin’s Creed II among other awesome roles. He was really cheerful and welcoming guy, and I gave him a copy of Signal, for which he thanked me in the signature!!
  • Ukin & Hemlock by Josceline Fenton, whose work was lovely! I wish I had had the money to pick up more on her table.
  • Necessary Monsters by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey & Sean Azzopardi. Unfortunately didn’t get a chance to talk to Merlin, but Sean was at the table and drew me an awesome sketch! :) Necessary Monsters is a webcomic and well worth reading!
  • Hokusai: Demons by Al Davison, which I’m really looking forward to reading.
  • An artbook by “puppetbear” (unfortunately can’t find his real name, but it’s a lovely book).
  • Post-card set & The Girl Who Was Always Crying and The Boy Who Runs From The Sun by Yuri Kore, who was really lovely, and chatted to me about which conventions were best to get tables at.
  • K-ON! postcard by Hannah Saunders
  • I also got a poster from Rachel Saunders, which unfortunately got damaged in my bag so isn’t in the photo.

In amongst all of this, I even managed to sell a few spare copies of Signal, which was unexpected! ^_^ All in all, a good time. I’m looking forward to being behind a table next year!


  1. Lisa says:

    Ha, insta-art until you upload them! *grumble*

    Was so much fun spending the day with you, and you really helped me be able to stop at people’s tables and chat to them, so thank youuuu! ^__^

    I tried the baked sushi for lunch the next day. Wasn’t as good as Crispy, too spicy for me.

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