Hello! I think it’s time to pick up my blog again, especially after the last entry, which I read back to myself just now and smiled at… it really has been one hell of a year.

Since the last entry, Kate and I bought a house together, moved in and refurbished the room we’d chosen as a studio. I’ve managed to finished volume 1 of The Firelight Isle, Kickstart it, get it sent out to everyone who backed the campaign, all alongside continuing my job at The Phoenix (now working from home, as I’ve moved away from Oxford). Kate’s managed to resume her work on Faith Says You, book she’s been working on for longer than I’ve been writing The Firelight Isle, she’s also Kickstarted and distributed volume 1 of that, too!

In my last entry, I’d hoped that something like this would have been possible, and being honest whit myself, I’d worried that my inability to turn out steady work on The Firelight Isle was due to some deficiency in myself, rather than my situation. I’m extremely pleased to say that it was totally the situation, and having more time and money to invest in the project has really turned things around!
As I write this, I’m over 20% of the way through volume 2, and hoping to finish it by late next year. I’m using the money we’re saving from living in a cheaper area to hire Kate for two days a week, and she’s doing the colouring and now also provisional thumbnail layouts for every page.
I’ve just returned from Thought Bubble, which was a wonderful experience, and my first convention in several years, and I’m looking forward to settling down and getting some great work done between now and Christmas.

It’s unlikely that I’ll start using this blog more regularly unless I have something very specific to publish in writing, so I plan on touching base two or three times a year to do a quick round up, or post when there’s particularly big news to share! The main action on this website will continue to be in The Firelight Isle section, so stay posted for new episodes (hopefully there’ll be one either next week or the following week) :D

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