Appearing at SETI con!

A while back I posted a piece of art that I donated to the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute. Since then, a remarkable chain of events has led to me being invited to the convention as a guest!Originally, I sent a fan mail to Are We Alone (the SETI Institute podcast), saying how much I enjoyed the show, and Barbara Vance, who is part of the production team, sent a lovely reply that turned into a full-fledged conversation. After she mentioned the upcoming convention, I decided to produce the poster image, partly because of my disappointment that I couldn’t go.

When I was told that the image was being used, I was seriously overjoyed and agreed to do some more artwork for the convention and the Institute in general. Here are two of the images being used:

Already amazed enough, I then find out that the organiser of the SETI convention is a Freakangels fan, and that I’ve been invited to attend the convention as a guest! My profile has recently been added to the SETIcon website. Going as a guest to a comics convention and seeing my name among other creators is incredible enough, but to see my name among such an amazing list of scientists is just mind-blowing. I’m totally going to get stuff signed by Frank Drake and Jill Tarter, and the Are We Alone team (who I hope are all there) and Phil Plait (!!) and hell, everyone attending. I’ll be surprised if I remain coherent for long enough to do anything that isn’t crazy fanboying, but I should be doing a signing, a panel and maybe a workshop too (although none of that is fixed down in the schedule yet). I’m also glad to know with confidence that I don’t have the money to afford the monumental amount that this copy of Contact signed by Carl Sagan, Jodie Foster and Jill Tarter (tears of joy) is going to go for, but I’ll probably bid in the vain hope that everyone else bidding falls asleep in some random coincidence that totally wasn’t orchestrated by me.

So yes, I’m excited, I’m going to stop talking now. Art instead! Here are a few more poster concepts that I created in rough and hope to finish at some point before the convention:


  1. Kate says:

    So happy for you! :D

  2. sillypunk says:

    oh man. stupidly jealous.

    i’m totally addicted to that podcast as well (due to your mention).

    nerd out for those of us who cannot go.

  3. Vicki Paull says:

    Wow, it just goes to show that if you have an interest you should jump right in and communicate with the other people involved!

    I’m sure you will, but I hope you have a fantastic time! Its really inspirational to hear that randomly great things like this can happen ^_^


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