MCM Expo has been and gone, and it was most enjoyable! I spent most of my time behind the Avatar booth, which was a novel experience since I’m used to being on the other side of the tables at MCM.  It was lovely to chat with friends and fans alike! It was also interesting seeing the general reaction to Freakangels… I’d say for every one person who came up to either buy a copy, there were two or three who pointed at the stand and obviously recognised it. Many thanks to those who did pick up a copy!

Here’s a random sketch I did on the back of a poster that I ended up taking home. The diamond pattern was done in silver pen, which is why it looks gradiented in the light.

Unfortunately, neither me nor Kate had an money to spend at the Expo. We’ve just been hit rather hard by the tax hammer this year, so we’re cutting right back on anything we don’t need or isn’t directly work related. It was sad passing up comics and artwork that I would have loved, but I’m proud of myself for showing restraint… I normally have none!

I did manage to pick up a few freebies from my publisher including Warren’s Frankenstein’s Womb, which I really enjoyed reading. It seemed to be a sort of ode to the birth of science fiction (and modern science). To be honest, before starting Freakangels my only exposure to Warren’s work was having a house mate who loved Transmetropolitan (which I hadn’t read) and it’s been interesting catching up. Before Frankenstein’s Womb, Planetary was the only piece I’d genuinely enjoyed, partly because it includes a sense of underlying wonder about the world, rather than the angry pessimism that permeates a bit too much of Warren’s writing for my own taste.

My only actual purchase of the show seemed a fitting one. Paul Fryer is the first person I ever shared a table with at a convention, and when I think of self publishing, I think of him. He’s a fantastic story teller, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of the mini-comics that I’ve picked up from him over the years. So this year, Kate and I spent our collected small-change on his new comic, Sticks, which was no less enjoyable and has to be one of the bizarrest things I think I’ve ever read!

Fehed was kind enough to donate his new anthology Talking to Strangers, which had I the money I would have bought straight away. I’d like to get round to posting a review up here, partly as a favour in return for the free copy, but mostly because it was a great anthology, and well worth talking about. I read it from cover to cover during the convention.

There were a few more books I would have loved, but maybe another time. Al Davison’s new release, Hokusai: Demons was a gorgeous tribute to Japanese comic art across the ages. Rainbow Orchid also looked fantastic, as did Sarah McIntyre’s new picture book.

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