Hi all! :) Things are going well, I’m skipping ahead with a batch of linework before I catch up with the colouring at the moment, which means I’m focussed on drawing. Earlier today I realised that I haven’t actually produced a full turnaround for Anlil yet, so I extracted and edited images of her from the pages I’ve done so far, and then filled in the gaps to create the start of a turnaround.

Despite how long these pages take, I’m always trying to find shortcuts and ways to speed up. I often feel like the discipline of drawing comics is all about finding ways to “cheat”. Having such a large range of poses means I can skip a few steps by using these as “bases” each time I need to draw the character. In many ways, having only drawn a few dozen pages means that I’m still getting used to this project, and finding out how to streamline the process.

The sheet is still missing the half where she’s looking down and from behind, but it’s a good start. I thought it’d be a laugh to stick it into a gif to see how well it’d animate… turns out not very well at all (her hair slides around like a loose wig), but it is neat to see it moving, and it taught me a fair few things about how to keep her face consistent from different angles!

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