Now that the writing process has reached a point where I have a reasonable synopsis, and visual ideas for most (if not all) the scenes in the story, it’s time for the thumbnails! Since the last blog entry I’ve been working to get these rolling, and I’ve now produced a good amount. I’m estimating that the whole process (including tweaks, edits and so-on) will take me roughly 3 to 4 months, by which time I’ll be ready to move onto the final stage, which will be producing finished designs, and a sample section of the comic itself. Here’s a quick picture of my working area with all the thumbnails so far spread out!

There are three aides that I’m using, first a sketchbook, where I’ll often very quickly scribble an extremely tiny, rough version of a thumbnail to make sure it’s going to work before committing it to a larger piece of paper. I also collect notes, ideas and make brief sketches of details that the thumbnails can’t capture in here. The second is the sheet of paper with coloured print and scribbles in the margin. That’s a condensed synopsis with editing notes attached for quick reference. The last is my laptop with a bunch of text fleshing out the story, and more importantly, a big list of “things still do to or fix” that I address as I draw! It’s a tricky and exciting process, but unfortunately not one that leads to a lot of regular material to post on the blog! Please forgive a certain amount of radio-silence while I work to get this done!

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