It’s been nearly 4 months since the end of Freakangels, and there’s been a strange hole in life every Friday when a new episode used to go up. It’s taken a lot of adjustment for me to get used to, but I’ve been working as fast as I can on new work!Today, it’s past noon on a Friday and I thought this would be an appropriate time to go live with a new project, The Firelight Isle! This is the reason I stopped bogging so frequently for a while – I’ve been busy getting all the websites and accounts promoting The Firelight Isle up and running.

The Firelight Isle is going to be a web-and-print comic, but doesn’t yet have the awesome backing of a publisher that allowed me to churn out 6 pages of Freakangels a week! So, I’m going to be working on it one day a week, rain or shine, money or none, and hopefully will have regular updates with my progress. There’s much more info available on, so please check it out :) You can also follow along on twitter and facebook, and I’ll be putting updates on The Firelight Isle Development Blog until the comic itself is ready to go live. There are already a few entries up with artwork and some details on research!

The last thing to say is that whilst I’m happy to finish this no matter what it takes, it’s a big enough project that it will take decades at my current pace. If you like the look of the project, you can back it on IndieGoGo, where I’ve got a crowd funding campaign, and I’m also running a Patreon campaign. If anyone has any further ideas, or wants to help out the project in a way I hadn’t imagined, please comment!

Hope you all enjoy!

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