Hi all! This Firelight Friday, there’s no new episode, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about schedule so there’s no confusion. After Freakangels, I’d imagine that many people expect a weekly release for The Firelight Isle, and really I’d like nothing better than to be able to do this!

However, whilst working on Freakangels, I had a flatter, a colourist and a letterer to help me, the website was built and managed by Avatar Press, and there was a full page rate to pay my wage as I worked – not to mention no writing duties whatsoever!

With The Firelight Isle, I’m handling the whole project myself, from writing to the building and maintaining of the website… plus I also have a part time job at The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic as a designer and in-house illustrator 3 days a week! Pages of The Firelight Isle take me between 1 and 3 days to finish depending on the level of complexity involved, so I’m imagining that I’ll have a new episode out roughly once a month. Not ideal for a webcomic, but the best I can manage at the moment!

So, onto progress! The pages for the next episode are a mixture of difficulties. I’ve got some nice, easy conversational pages coming up, but there are a couple of large exterior scenes which are bound to suck up a lot of time, too! I’m starting with them, so here are a few in-progress drawings:

Anlil walking through a section of Azul marketplace.

The living and working quarters of Sen’s family (they make and trade dyes).

Whilst I’m doing this, I’m also working on a major rewrite of the second half of the story, which is currently a little unstructured and needs some tightening up. I imagine this re-write will go on for a number of months, and I hope to have some more in-depth info about it here as I go. I’m excited to share parts of the editing process as I proceed.

Finally, a few people have asked about an RSS feed for the comic. Unfortunately, right now my website doesn’t have the capacity for a dedicated RSS feed (my hosting plan doesn’t support databases). I’m working on migrating to a new plan and rebuilding the site in the future – this build only took me a few days and is tragically basic. However, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog (links below each post). I’ll be updating it each Friday with a progress report, so every time I have a new episode out you’ll know. Alternatively, I’ll be posting episodes of the comic on my Tumblr and Deviantart pages, and I’ll be reminding my Twitter followers when there are new updates too.See you next week!


  1. Alex says:

    So excited to see this happening, a little waiting between episodes I can manage!

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