1. I just recently stumbled upon this series. And somehow it felt strange: completely new and yet… in a peculiar remote kind of way familiar.And now I realize why…
    I am glad I found this Isle. The illustrating is dazzling good, the story-telling is not like anything I have seen before and the story itself is intriguing. I am sure to follow you again in this new adventure.
    (oh, if you wonder who… you may remember me as “SoftSpot” who followed you in and reacted to another series drawn by you. :) )

  2. Hi! :D I do remember you from Whitechapel, thanks so much for stopping by to read this! I hope you enjoy the story as it continues!

  3. I like this one for more than one reason, like I told above. And besides that the insight in the creative process is very interesting as well. The ribbon-style of storytelling is new to me and is a very good choice.
    I might conclude that you found a way to have me captivated to this series in several ways… :)

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