Thanks to the fantastic contributions by everyone who has supported The Firelight Isle, I’m now in a great position. I have a fully fleshed out story, fully developed thumbnails, and I’ve had the chance to beta-test the first half of the story with interested readers, and have received an amazingly positive response.

There’s still editing work to do, but I can say with confidence that the development stage is drawing to a close, and I’m now shifting my focus onto preparing for publication.

This is an exciting, but ultimately uncreative part of the project – I’ll be approaching publishers, making plans and proposals, doing the groundwork to prepare my website for the comic, and deciding on details of format and distribution. At this stage it’s hard to say exactly how long this process will take, since it’s not a matter of a finite amount of work. Negotiations can be a slow and unpredictable affair!

However, I’ve been able to do a tremendous amount of work on this comic thanks to the help of so many supporters, and I can say with confidence that I have a plan to cover every eventuality from here on out: The Firelight Isle is poised on the edge of being ready to draw, and one way or another, it will be published!Thanks for bearing with me during a period in which the work I’ve been producing has been very hard to share with you. Watch this space!

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