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Fantastic news! The Firelight Isle is being featured in The British Library’s new exhibition, Comics Unmasked. It opens today, and will be around until August, so there’s loads of time to have a look! It’s a beautifully designed show (supposedly the largest ever exhibition of mainstream and underground comics) and well worth going to see. The Firelight Isle is part of the digital comics display in the final room of the exhibition.

Hi all. I just finished the latest story ribbon and it’s all ready read!! Click here to read the latest part, click here to read from the beginning!

This ribbon wraps up the first chapter, and I’ve got a bit of rewriting to do on the next chapter, so I’ll be posting more about how that goes next week.

Weirdly enough, I often find myself stopping half way through my colouring process, when various unfinished and hidden parts of the page make an unexpectedly beautiful result! This is one of those moments from a page near the end of chapter 1…

I was so surprised by the result that I’ve been toying with the idea of making this a print in the store! Finishing this page has also brought me *very* close to having the next ribbon ready to post! I’m confident that it will be out next week in fact! Hope you’re as excited as I am – these things take a long time, but it seems worth the effort!

The colouring of the pages for the next ribbon has begun and is going very smoothly… I expect to have the whole ribbon ready by next week with luck (or the following more realistically)! Here’s a preview of the colours for a page that I just finished… as always, you can catch a sneak preview of all the unlettered colours and linework so far if you’re a 10$ patron on the Firelight Isle Patreon!

I’ve now finished all the linework for the next ribbon, which will conclude Chapter 1! As soon as I’m done with the colouring, I’ll be adding it to the site, and also starting plans to collect the first chapter into a printed single issue! :) If you’re itching to see more work ahead of time, all the linework from this ribbon is available for anyone who donates $10 or more to the Firelight Isle Patreon Campagin! Here’s a little preview for everyone else…

Hey all! The pages are going very smoothly – I’ve now finished all the linework for the next episode, and am on to the colouring – hopefully it should only be a few weeks before I can put it up on the site. That episode will conclude the opening chapter, so after it’s done I’m going to look into collecting all of chapter 1 into a printed edition!This Firelight Friday, there’s a brand new interview… a few weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest on Dan Berry’s comics podcast, Make It Then Tell Everybody. Dan is a fantastic comics creator in his own right (along with teaching AND running a podcast – I don’t know how he does it), and it was a really interesting chat.

We covered all sorts of topics, from The Firelight Isle, to working methods, to opinions about the industry and art education. You can listen to the whole thing on Dan’s Site.There’s also a Patreon campaign for the podcast, so if you enjoy the interview, consider being a patron! There are tons of great interviews already, and the campaign will help Dan absorb the cost of making more.Don’t forget that there’s a Firelight Isle Patreon page too!

I was asked in the comments on an earlier entry how I go about putting together the very long pages you see on this comic! Here’s a quick break-down of the process.

1) It starts with “thumbnails”, very sketchy roughs of the finished pages. I compose two at a time, side-by-side, and whilst I’m doing so, I think about how they’ll fit together top-to-bottom.

In order to support The Firelight Isle as I create it, I’ve signed up to a service called Patreon. Patreon lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators, but unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a regular flow of free material. Patrons can make monthly donations in exchange for perks, and donate as much or as little as they like, for as long as they like. The idea is that even a dollar or two a month is worth a lot if you have a few hundred patrons.

The goals I’m aiming towards are raising enough money per-month to hire assistants to help with the running of the project and the colouring of the artwork, and eventually to raise enough to spend more of my own time each week on the art!I answer some basic questions that will probably occur to a lot of readers (especially supporters of the Indie GoGo campaign) on the page itself, so please check it out and consider becoming a patron of The Firelight Isle!

I’ve just realised that I missed last week’s blog entry! I had a post planned about how I put together tall images whilst making sure that the story still reads as a series of individual pages, but I shall have to save that one for next week… In the meantime, I’ve been working as hard as possible on the next episode – I hope to spend much less time on this one!

This next part focusses on Sen, for which I produced a giant character sheet to speed me up.One other piece of news, I’ve put a mirror of The Firelight Isle up on Smack Jeeves, a webcomic hosting site with some social media extras. So if you like reading webcomics there, or would like to see how the story reads one page at a time, check it out!