Another major element in the world of The Firelight Isle is the galaxy above which it hangs. This has been a part of the plot since the earliest incarnation of the script, and I knew that it needed to be visible in the sky during both the day and the night.

However, this arrangement was creating a few sticking points for the story, mainly because I hadn’t actually worked out how it would appear, so I spent some time figuring out exactly how the local solar system is arranged!

This ended up giving me the basis for a calendar and an unusual pattern of seasons in which each year contains two summers and two winters, named the Day-Winter and Night-Winter, Morning-Summer and Evening-Summer after the part of a “turning” (their equivalent if a 24 hour period) during which the galaxy appears in the sky. This has really freed me to move on with certain parts of the story about which I was unclear, and has added some nice texture to the lives of the characters!

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