I was recently asked to do an interview about The Firelight Isle on a comic news site! Here’s a quick taster, and you can read the rest at the website itself.

CB)  First one is easy, tells us a little about The Firelight Isle? Where did the idea come from and what is the story you want to tell with it?PD)  The Firelight Isle is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time! I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, science fiction and surreal or magical storytelling, and I’ve always had a desire to write my own stories, so for most of my life I’ve had a grand writing project in mind that has gone through different incarnations (inspired by whoever my favourite authors were at the time)! When I started work as a professional artist, I began to realise just how much work is involved in creating epic, multi-volume stories and graphic novels, and so I ended up focussing on completing shorter stories. At that point, Freakangels started, and I spent 4 years working on that, during which time the hectic schedule and intense work on Warren’s script taught me a lot about both writing and drawing long form stories. When Freakangels finished, I found that my desire to create a longer piece had been rekindled, and I considered it the best time to try to establish myself as a writer as well as an artist. I broke down all of my early story ideas, and mined them for inspiration, taking all sorts of fragments, and reworking them into a new piece, which became The Firelight Isle. So it’s a new story with long roots!The story I want to tell is very much a character and culture focussed piece, a fantasy that feels like it could well be taking place on some distant world that might really exist. Its themes include friendship and coming of age, along with faith and segregation. I’ve tried to assimilate as much information as I can on human culture in a short time so that the world it takes place in will be both familiar and surprising. It’s hard to describe the plot in a movie-pitch style, since it’s more of a slice-of-life style story that includes some grander elements.CB)  Can you tell us about the main characters, what their names are and why you felt they were the right choice to tell the story with?PD) The two main characters are both the same age (around 16), and have known each other since their earliest memories, and been fast friends ever since…

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