Three weeks in, and The Firelight Isle is going fantastically! There’s been good progress over the last week, so this is a general update to go over it all!

Firstly, the campaign’s going at good speed – 3 weeks out of 10 down, and just about 30% of the goal raised! Bang on target for now! However, I think I’ve just about reached the limits of my ability to reach people directly – many people who have donated have been friends or fans that I know well, so the next stage of the campaign is to help the project reach a wider audience who might be interested. I’ll be looking to contact bloggers, journalists and anyone with a good reach who is interested in comics over the next week or so, so any help from people currently following the project would be welcome! I’m also working on an animated trailer that’s put together using images created for the project so far. That’s going well, and should be ready to post in the next few weeks.

I’ve got three new features to add to the campaign itself this week!

The first is that I’m going to be starting a credits page for everyone who contributes, and there’s a new $1 perk called “spark” that you can choose to qualify for this if you haven’t yet donated!The second is that I’ve got a brand new perk called “sunlight”, which for a minimum donation of $200 gets you a print, and a copy of the book when it’s finished, plus your credit printed in the book itself! (one previous contributor who donated $200 will be offered an upgrade from their previously chosen perk)

The third is that I’m cutting the price of the “galaxylight” perk from $1000 to $500! This perk will get you a print, a copy of the finished book with a signature and sketch, along with an original page of artwork from the comic! I’ve also made good progress on the story itself! There’s been a scene near the beginning that I got stuck on a while back, and eventually moved onwards, taking care of other elements of the story. Thankfully earlier this week in a slightly sleep-deprived state a solution occurred to me, which means that the whole opening of the story is now fully written and ready to thumbnail. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show some previews in the weeks to come!

Finally, a lovely thing happened regarding the research! My blog post Fabric of Fiction received a comment from a Costume Historian who recommended an incredible book called Costume Pattern and Design. It’s a little hard to get and some copies are very expensive, but I managed to track down a reasonably priced one, and had it delivered a few days ago! It’s a beautiful collection of colour illustrations of costumes from all around the world and all throughout history. It’s going to be an invaluable resource, as I have quite a few clothes left to design for The Firelight Isle! This is the first time I’ve been able to use funds from the campaign directly to help the project, and it’s a fantastic purchase!

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