Drawing The Firelight Isle Again + Patreon Update

After a re-write that seems to have stretched on forever, I’m back to drawing again! I’ve already produced over 20 new thumbnails and 6 roughs, which you can see a preview of below! I don’t know yet when I’ll be producing finished pages again, but I’ll be pushing out thumbnails and roughs as fast as possible in the meantime :) I’ve got a big editorial meeting at the end of May to discuss the details of the future of the project, so I’ll be crossing my fingers for that to go well.
I’ve also overhauled my Patreon reward tiers. You can now see all the roughs and new pages as they’re completed if you pledge $3 or more! If you pledge $10 or more, you can get access to layered photoshop files, complete scripts, early drafts and editing notes!




  1. relief says:

    The details of the new project are marked by the pronounced elements. The sketches in this technique make it possible to express even the most insignificant emotions.

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