In order to support The Firelight Isle as I create it, I’ve signed up to a service called Patreon. Patreon lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators, but unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a regular flow of free material. Patrons can make monthly donations in exchange for perks, and donate as much or as little as they like, for as long as they like. The idea is that even a dollar or two a month is worth a lot if you have a few hundred patrons.

The goals I’m aiming towards are raising enough money per-month to hire assistants to help with the running of the project and the colouring of the artwork, and eventually to raise enough to spend more of my own time each week on the art!I answer some basic questions that will probably occur to a lot of readers (especially supporters of the Indie GoGo campaign) on the page itself, so please check it out and consider becoming a patron of The Firelight Isle!

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