I’m expecting many are wondering what has happened to the project after such a long wait! After a bumpy and pretty long road, the goals of the Indie Gogo campaign for The Firelight Isle have now been met! The world and characters are fully developed, the story has been plotted out and the thumbnails have been produced (and in some cases are in 3rd or 4th draft)! Looking back on the process, it hasn’t been at all what I expected. Here’s a snippet from the secret blog written in response to a question from a contributor to show you what I mean!

When I began the funding campaign, I imagined that the world-building and the writing would be very separate parts of the production that I would be able to share lots about in isolation. It certainly started off that way as I posted details about the culture, the clothes, the city and the planet it was set on, but as I continued writing, I began to realise that the finer aspects of the culture were so intimately tied to the storyline that it was impossible to develop one without the other. Instead of the period of environment, character and world design I imagined doing, what instead happened was an extended period of rewrites during which the plot, and my ideas about the world slowly aligned. It was a very frustrating process, because where I’d hoped to have lots of finished art to share, instead I had lots of rough drafts and quick sketches (either in text or in thumbnail form). Hence the long periods of silence during development.

Despite the steep learning curve involved in writing The Firelight Isle, production of the finished pages is now underway (I just finished colouring page 8, and I’m lining page 10 right at the moment). It’s going to take me a while to revamp the website in preparation for putting the project online, so in the meantime, I’ll share the first page and a later section of the opening (comprising about 2 pages worth of drawing)! Hope you enjoy!

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