A quick status update for everyone interested in the project! Following the successful funding campaign, things have gone a bit quiet on the the blog because of two things! First of all, I’m now seriously engaged in working on the Firelight Isle – as close to full time as possible. Secondly, there has been a lot of admin to get through regarding the campaign funds and the perks!

I’m currently working intensely on the writing, fleshing out the details of previously sketchy scenes, and also grappling with quite a major change to the plot which has required a lot of re-organisation. Thankfully the rearranging seems to be going quite smoothly, although to begin with it felt like picking up and untangling freshly boiled spaghetti. At the risk of being totally cryptic, the plot element I removed has been bothering me for quite some time – it has always felt a bit incongruous beside the rest of the story, and I have a feeling I was including it only because it was a straight forward way to add drama to the plot. One of those sounds-good-in-the-synopsis-but-not-in-detail moments.

Unfortunately whilst working directly on the plot and storyboarding, there isn’t really much to preview on the blog that wouldn’t prematurely give away story details. I’ll have to make do with occasional updates to say how I’m doing in general.

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