No new pictures to show this week, but hey, words are exciting too right? And I haven’t talked much about the writing process yet, cause the drawing had been so all-consuming up until now.

Last time I checked in, I mentioned having to redraft chapter 2. The redraft was necessary because actually knuckling down and drawing the first chapter of this story has had a much more profound impact on the way I think about the characters and their environment than I expected. Bringing the little nuances of finished storytelling into being – like contemplating the small, practical details of finished environments – has set all sorts of ideas tumbling in my head, and brought my grasp of the  wholeness  of the world of The Firelight Isle into sharp focus.

This may sound pretty vague… I mean the story has been written and thumbnailed, already. None-the-less, there are scenes later on in the story that I struggled with whilst writing them, and this nebulous new understanding I’ve arrived at has shed light on why that was the case. I’ve also worried on and off that the middle third of the story lacks focus, and the reasons for that have suddenly become very clear!

In what has been a slightly fevered few weeks of writing, I’ve dragged together all my old notes and put together a comprehensive and organised database of info on the story, updating details that have changed and adding new entries on culture, tradition, character and theme when appropriate.
Having done this means that I’ve been able to dig into the story, tighten up all the loose bolts and restructure the weaker sections… all without running into any frustrations other than the regular interruptions of life!

The rewrite is still in progress… I’ve restructured the whole story in synopsis form, and am now going through each chapter in detail, writing new scenes and editing dialogue on old ones. The final result will be a real Frankenstein’s monster of script, cut-up thumbnails, and notes-to-self, but I can’t wait to have it finished so I can start bringing life to Chapter 2!


  1. sounds very good to me. I can’t write stories like this, but I do know that stories kind of have a life of their own: they grow, and not always in the way the creator foresaw. So having to rewrite (large) parts of it happens.
    And from what I have seen so far this has a lot to go on: you “invented” a whole world with a strange but very cultivated society. I am curious on how everything will come out, and what more surprises you hold in your sleeve (even those you don’t know yet yourself!) :)

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