Me and Kate woke up very early this morning for some unknown reason, and the sky was still clear and dark, with a beautiful moon up.
I’d not seen the morning sky with my telescope yet, so instead of curling up and going back to bed, I set it up and watched the sky until dawn! I saw Saturn for the first time, which was a pretty incredible sight, even though the rings are tricky to see at the moment. Even making them out a little is enough when you know, that’s Saturn I’m looking at with my own eyes!

I also managed to attach my camera a bit more firmly to the scope (using a hilarious rig which included bits of rubber band, PVA glue soaked paper, a pile of DVDs and fine adjustments made by folding envelopes and adding them to the DVD pile) and take some pictures. I’m still really shaky at this, especially as my camera is a quite average consumer level one, but I managed to capture a blob which I assure you is actually Saturn (honest):

And a picture of the moon which is much better framed than my last, although not as well focused (this is the main problem with the Galileoscope, focusing is a nightmare):

The dawn was a beautiful lilac wash across the sky that lit all the vapour trails blood red. I feel like I can get a good amount of work done today!

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