Just before visiting my parents’ house at Christmas, I was lying a little restless thinking about all sorts of useless crap, when I started contemplating a way to fix the non-existent focusing mechanism on my gallileoscope. After a few moments, it hit me, LEGO! It was kinda weird how vividly I could still picture all the hundreds of different lego pieces I’ve got stored in a big blue box in my parents’ attic, so much so that I came up with a plan on the spot, and brought back the bits I needed after visitng over Christmas.
Before getting back to work I managed to set aside some time to put the plan into action, and with a bit of Green Stuff (epoxy modelling putty), superglue, a dremel, paperclips and the salvaged lego bits, I put this together!

It’s a bit ugly, but it does the job! *well pleased* :)


  1. ferallon says:

    So, yeah, you draw FreakAngels, which is cool and all, but engineering a Lego focus for your telescope is somehow even cooler.

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