I’m starting to get excited about this year’s games day. It’s the first time I’ve been since I was a wee teenager, so I’m looking forward to appreciating the chance to see the creators and artists on a totally different level. Plus, the hobby has really grown since then.

So… I’m going to give Golden Demon a stab. I entered young bloods (the category for little uns) a few times and never made it past the first round. This time I’m being crazy enough to enter the open category. I’ve got no hope, but it’s a great challenge.
Here are some in-progress shots of the model I’m entering, a scratch-built inquisitor at inquisitor scale (the Cinderella mug is how I’m keeping the dust off between painting XD).

It’s still very rough round the edges. The boots aren’t finished, I’m going to add written detail to the gold trim, and more rusting on the armour (you can’t tell in the images, since the light source is static, but I’ve tried to simulate peeling lacquer using gloss varnish). It’s amazing how crude the painting looks under this magnification, I’ve never taken pictures of my miniatures like this before… it’s uncomfortably revealing!

Any suggestions for improvement are more than welcome :) (obviously apart from remodelling the whole thing).


  1. Matt Gibbs says:

    You’re being unduly harsh on yourself, paint job looks great, plus the fact it is scratch built. How long did it take you to sculpt?

  2. Dan says:

    That’s really fantastic work! I love his face. The best thing generally is the attention to details–the eye brows, the strap with buckle and adjustment holes, the pouches. Awesome proportions too, particularly the hands/fingers. Those are tricky for me on standard 40k doods.

    Golden Demon winners have some pretty insane skills and imaginations. May I ask how you did in the competition?

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