I often get asked why on earth my website address is spoonbard.com [EDIT: Used to be… I still own the domain]

The short answer is, it’s a very very old hotmail address that I ended up sticking with for reasons I’m not so certain of anymore. It’s a bit silly for a professional site, but I’m very fond of it and I love the look on people’s faces (or the sound in their voices) when they ask what my email or wesbite address is… and then I inevitably have to spell it for them.

The long answer is that I was a massive final fantasy fan. I’m not so sure this is still a valid label, since a saddening amount that is new in the franchise has failed to impress, but none-the-less, I started with Final Fantasy VII and have played most of the others since then. When I came to play Final Fantasy IV which I never actually finished, I did get at least as far as an infamous and dubiously translated insult:

This amused me up so much, I chopped off the “y ” and used it as a screen-name (my first ever website was angelfire.com/spoonbard) and to this date I don’t know anyone else who has the same online handle.

Other amusing things about “spoonbard”… it’s very easy to misspell in comical ways including: poonbard, spoonbrad, spoobard, spoonboard, sponbard, spoonbared, spoonbar and spoonbad

And now you know.


  1. Nojh says:

    I remember this. It was hilarious.

    There was actually a moment in one of the re-releases. Or maybe the original. But the way the character menu was laid out. If you renamed Edward (the bard) to “Spoony”, then on the character page it would actually list the character’s name and class, so the character would be listed as “Spoony Bard”.

    I felt I should share that.

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