Back to work after a break, and a new year soon to come!
My goals:

  • Find more time for personal work, including sketching and location drawing.
  • Finish and publish My Untitled Project (edit: working title is now “Signal”)
  • Keep a keen eye on how much I procrastinate, and get into an efficient rhythm.
  • Focus on achieving a total amount of work each day, rather than for weekly deadlines.
  • Cut down time on the internet & disable my connection while working.
  • Spend less time on conventions and self-promotion and more time on friends and family!
  • Save for taxes each time I’m paid (sigh)

:) Hopefully it’ll be a good and productive year.


  1. Nicky says:

    Sounds like a good plan Plau !!!! When can I come over again ?? HAHAHAHA Happy New Year :-)

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