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"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this book is an epic.
Beautifully done, and paging through Duffield's work is distilled joy.
For anyone who values creativity and craftsmanship,
"Signal" will be a valued possession."

- Robyn Asimov

Signal is a 14 page comic, written and illustrated by Paul Duffield. The book is an experiment in visual storytelling that attempts to use comicbook visual language in a free-form way; a kind of "visual poem" on the theme of the human search for knowledge and other life, inspired by SETI, and Carl Sagan's series Cosmos.

The first copy of the first edition was donated by Paul Duffield to The SETI Institute, and sold in a fund-raising auction. Part the proceeds from each copy of Signal sold online will also be donated in aid of the Intitute's scientific research into life and its origins, and their search for intelligence on other worlds!

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